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Roof Cleaning

The Best Roof Cleaning system is now in Guernsey

Roof Problems

Moss growth on roof surfaces should be removed periodically to prevent secondary damage from developing. Moss disturbs the flow of rainwater on roof surfaces. It tends to thrive where the supply of moisture is best and establishes itself in laps particularly at the tail end. During heavy rain, the lap cavities will overflow inside the building.

Most roofs have a notional second line of defence in the form of a bituminous felt, but it does not always perform perfectly, and is not designed for long term protection. The battens and fixings, situated above the felt undergo accelerated decay. Moss and lichen release small amounts of organic acids that is corrosive to metals, particularly lead and galvanised components. Applying Mossgo pro to a roof will remove moss growth before more damage occurs.

Old Buildings

Growth on an old building is perceived as successful conservation but is in reality quite damaging to the roof. On roof slates, lichen dots, sometimes as large as plates, colonise the roof. Moss balls sometimes form at the tail, particularly on man-made roofing slates. Lichen have evolved to etch themselves onto mineral surfaces: They produce the organic acids to do this. Roofing slates with "green spots" - high carbonate content areas - are somehow susceptible to surface damage.

Restoring old roofs

Mossy roofs are likely to be well into their predicted life span: Aggressively cleaning ageing roof surfaces is not advisable. Always start with the gentler, milder option available. Gentle Restoration: Mossgo pro will gently restore old roofs to their former beauty without any physical damage.

Roof Cleaning in Guernsey

Above are examples of how the Mossgo pro Roof Cleaning System can improve the appearance of your roof.

Roof Clean in Guernsey from the JK Group

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